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Controls - A,D (or left arrow, right arrow) to move left / right, space to jump, shift to sprint but thats only really useful in the final boss and left arrow to shoot your gun which is a big part of this game despite being so iffy.


Hey! I'm Kim Ellis, ReddehWow#4549 on Discord, and this is -( ♥ ♥ )- or Love Program Love or Love Program or whatever you wanna call it. It was super rushed because of stuff I'll discuss below so please tell me any bugs you encounter and if they're super game breaking I'll fix them and if not I'll say "eh" and put it on my bucket list.

This project was made over the course of about 6-7 days (rounding down to 6 because a huge amount of those days were during school, so I really only spent the last three days doing... basically everything?)

The concept of this was... something. Were I to have had (a lot) longer to spend on it, I would've fleshed out the story but essentially the main character is a combat robot and she wants to settle down with another combat robot and have combat robot children she can teach to... combat robot, so she signs up with this enigmatic organisation known as C.U.P.I.D who sign her up at the cost of killing a "rogue AI" (the boss at the end)

I had a whole lot of fun making this game and I learned a lot about myself, making games and partaking in GameJams. My friend do0ts contributed the soundtrack, doing exceptionally as always with three brande new songs cranked out way faster than I think is humanly safe.

I think my influences in this are pretty visible. Games like Nuclear Throne, Kirby, Cave Story, Enter The Gungeon, (Th/L)e Fantabulous Game (Big props to Fantabuloso for being my rock throughout) all took part in shaping a mediocre yet hopefully enjoyable little shooty-platformer that was made so fast I had no time to balance it!

I'm super sorry if the difficulty curve is way too high. I tried to balance it as best as I could and each level introduces one component used in the boss fight at the end but obviously I super rushed it so the boss fight will probably take some time.

The game also lacks some major polish but I'm still super super happy with the finished product, even if it does look like a sack of garbage on the outside, it's my sack of garbage and my baby and I will protect it and love it like a caring mother should.

If I had to guesstimate my total rundown of time spent I'd say like a day on spritework, two days on the boss, one and a half days doing the enemies and levels and whatnot and the rest of the time was spent procrastinating and having bad ideas (this was originally gonna be a B.O.I clone with 3D bosses??? for some reason i thought that was a good idea???)

If you need any help or wanna talk or... whatever, just hit me up here or on discord ^^

Install instructions

This is made in unity 5.4 or 5.5 i forgot (sorry) so just be aware that your PC might not be able to run it if its a toaster (but my toaster can so you should be fine)

Remember A/D to move left/right (customizable cause unity), space to jump (not customizable cause im stupid), left mouse to shoot and shift to sprint but thats only useful at the boss tbh


Build.zip (37 MB)

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